Colin Y.J. Chung

Co-Founder of Plural Inc. | Copywriter/Consultant

Hello, I'm Colin, co-founder of Plural Inc., a portfolio of businesses that include Plural Healthcare, a marketing agency, and a digital media company.I consult on copy, funnels, and growth in the direct response space (nutraceuticals, fin-pubs, and creators). I also help hire, train, and chief copy teams.Based in the suburbs of Vancouver B.C., I'm a father of three monsters, I speak pop culture fluently, and I write fiction.

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"Colin is one of the first people I think of when I need help with copywriting. I've been working with him for over a decade now." - Jim Kwik"Thank you Colin for your brilliant strategic mind, your amazing writing skills, your caring heart." - Christine Kloser"He brings tremendous raw talent to the game." - John Carlton"I love this copy! [Project] has become our direct mail control! The ROI is nearly double that of the old control." - Clayton Makepeace"Not only does his copy covert and make you money, Colin writes in your voice talking to your tribe so you create a real, authentic connection with your customers." - Arielle Ford"Thanks again for this extraordinary bit of craftsmanship. You're a master at what you do and I'm deeply appreciative of your generosity." - Gary Goldstein"Within the first day I saw a huge jump in our conversion rate. In 4 months I made back my investment with him and now everything is pure profit. Colin is the best investment I’ve made" - Bob Grant"Colin’s support helped us build from nothing to a list of 32,000 in just two months."
Ocean Robbins
"You are always a brain worth tapping into." - Brian Kurtz